Julie Kupersmith, M.D., P.C.

Is Breast Augmentation on Your Horizon?

If you have been wanting a fuller-breasted figure that you can be proud of while boosting your self-image with the potential to transform your life, a breast enlargement procedure may be perfect for your needs. This is a popular surgery which many of our clients request to create a new lease on life, thanks to the satisfaction and improved self-confidence... read more »

Tips for a Swift Post-Breast Surgery Recovery

Whether you’re planning on a breast lift or breast augmentation, you will love the results and newfound confidence. Because we want your experience to be positive from procedure to stunning results, Julie Kupersmith MD, PC offers you some tips to make your recovery process swift and easy. Make sure to tell Julie Kupersmith MD, PC about any preexisting medical conditions... read more »

Exploring Your Breast Augmentation Options

Breast augmentation also known as breast implants are a popular way for women who are dissatisfied with their current bust size to find the enhancement they want. There are several different types of breast implants to choose from. Your breast augmentation goals and your body type, will influence what type of implant Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD will recommend.... read more »

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

You might be interested in breast augmentation for a number of different reasons. Your goals, medical reasons and body type can all play a factor in what type of breast augmentation your surgeon might recommend for you. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a procedure that provides a slight to modest augmentation to a woman’s breast without the use of a... read more »