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Stimulating Exfoliation Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin’s Youthful Appearance

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When you were young, a lot of your skin’s natural smooth and full appearance was thanks to healthy exfoliation and collagen production. These processes replace old skin cells with young, healthy cells while also giving your skin the firm elasticity that helps you avoid lines and wrinkles. As the years go by, these processes slow, making your skin more and more vulnerable to the appearance of skin aging.

Fortunately, there are several different ways Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD can help stimulate exfoliation and collagen production in New Rochelle, New York.

Many people who are looking to reverse the appearance of minor-to-moderate skin aging will start by using a retinol-based skin cream. If this doesn’t meet with your satisfaction, or if you have more significant signs of skin aging, Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD might prescribe a more potent skin cream formulated with Retin-A. This potent exfoliating agent can sometimes cause issues with dry skin. Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD can prescribe the skin cream and you’ll need to come in for periodic appointments to monitor the health and progress of your skin.

A microdermabrasion treatment can be performed in a single outpatient appointment. To administer the microdermabrasion, Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD will use a special tube that is lined with microscopic aluminum oxide crystals. A gentle vacuum will be drawn through the tube, pulling the shallow skin cells into it. This stimulates the shedding of the skin cells to boost exfoliation. Afterward, Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD might provide you with one of the skin creams to help stimulate exfoliation every day.

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