Do you prefer to wear pierced earrings but are unable to do so because of discomfort or asymmetry from a torn ear lobe? Do you find yourself attempting to hide a disfigured ear lobe? Many torn ear lobes can be repaired quickly with minimal discomfort often in an office setting. The earlobe is usually re-pierced three to six months following the surgical repair. Repair of your ear lobe may allow you to proudly wear the earrings that you so long to wear.

Earlobes can become damaged in several ways. Those with thin earlobes who often wear heavy earrings can experience the gradual elongation of the ear piercing tract. This can cause the ear piercing to become slit-like and too large. The earlobes can also be accidentally torn if too much pressure is placed on an already elongated ear piercing through a heavy earring. The earlobes can also be torn by a child tugging playfully on a dangling earring.

The earlobe can be repaired using a three-layer repair under magnification. The damaged ear piercing tract will be removed and if the earlobe has been completely torn through, the edges of the cleft will be trimmed. The outer layer of skin is closed, followed by the fatty tissue between the two layers of skin, and finally the skin of the back of the lobe.

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