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Early Signs of Skin Aging Might Be Countered by Regular Use of an Exfoliating Skin Cream

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It is an unfortunate consequence of nature that the passage of time causes the body to develop ever-increasing signs of aging. One of the areas where this is most pronounced can appear on the skin of the face and hands.

As you grow older your body slowly loses its ability to produce collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis. This also tends to happen in conjunction with the rate at which old skin cells at the surface are replaced by healthy younger looking dermal cells.

If this process of skin aging is not countered in some way fine lines can deepen into wrinkles as facial skin starts to take on a sallow appearance. In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a consultation appointment at Julie Kupersmith MD, PC.

In many cases, the early appearance of skin aging can sometimes be minimized by the regular use of a specially formulated retinol skin cream. Applying a little to your face each day can help stimulate exfoliation to restore some of your skin’s youthful appearance.

Most significant skin aging a more potent skin cream formulated with Retin-A. Which is essentially a more potent version of retinol that is only available by prescription. It could potentially cause minor skin dryness issues, which requires a physician’s monitoring.

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