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Choose Laser Hair Reduction for Undesirable Hair Follicles

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The skin on the human body is shielded by millions of hair follicles. As you age, hair in various sections of your body can become more noticeable. This can change your overall look and alter your self-confidence.

Don’t worry, there is a solution! Simply call upon Julie Kupersmith and her expert associates in New Rochelle, New York. During your initial consultation, we can evaluate the areas you would like to attend to and help you recognize your treatment options. In most cases, we will advise a laser hair reduction treatment.

This non-invasive form of treatment uses highly concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles and inhibit future hair growth. It can be used on several different areas of the body. The laser creates an intense heat that halts active hair follicles’ growth abilities.

While laser hair reduction can competently slow hair growth, it doesn’t necessarily mean permanent hair removal. In the future, you may need to return to the Dermatology Center to have slight modifications made or for another laser hair removal treatment.

If you are interested in laser hair reduction, simply call 801-224-5200 to book a consultation at with Julie Kupersmith. We’re here to help you feel beautiful.