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Breast Lifts Are a Popular Option for Restoring the Youthful Shape of Your Breast

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Did you know that breast lift procedures have become more popular in recent years than breast augmentations? Most women find that the natural processes of aging slowly lower their bust line. At the same time, major changes in body composition from significant weight loss, pregnancy, or breast feeding can leave them wanting to know more about a breast lift procedure.

A breast lift procedure removes excess skin which effectively tightens the skin of your breasts as well. This reshapes and renews the natural shape and texture of your breasts without the use of artificial implants.

For each breast lift procedure, Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD develops an incision strategy based on your current breast shape and areola location. Sometimes this calls for making an incision around the areola of each breast to adjust its size and location. From there, an incision can be made down from the areola to the base of the breast to remove excess skin, and tighten the breast tissue.

In other situations, Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD might employ an incision strategy that adjusts the areola and includes a vertical incision down from the breast crease as well as a horizontal incision.

The overarching goal for Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD is to always try to make the incisions in a natural crease in the breast, to minimize visual scarring.

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