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Breast Implant Removal With a Breast Lift Can Restore a Youthful Bustline

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Some women choose breast augmentation procedures that call for installing an artificial implant to raise the bustline and increase the overall volume of their breasts. In the past silicone implants were thought of as the industry standard for their ability to mimic the feel of natural breast tissue. In recent years saline breast implants have grown in popularity.

In a small number of cases, an artificial breast implant can leak, or the surrounding breast tissues can suffer from complications like capsular contracture. Left untreated these issues can cause discomfort and lead to medical complications.

If you have noticed a problem with one of your breast implants, you should consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD at her clinic in New Rochelle, New York. In some of these cases, the artificial breast implant may need to be removed.

However, you should not fear that your natural breast tissues will look flat or saggy. As part of the breast implant removal procedure, Dr. Kupersmith can also perform a breast lift to restore your youthful bustline without needing to install another artificial breast implant.

Afterward, she will explain any necessary recovery measures, which might also include a prescription for pain medication.

If you live in the area surrounding New Rochelle, New York, and you have noticed a problem with your breast implants, we invite you to call 914.235.5171 to set up a consultation with Dr. Julie Kupersmith.