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Many people understand the value of weight loss because it reduces the potential medical complications from obesity. Even after the hard work of diet and exercise, there might be some key body regions that need cosmetic adjustment. One option worth consideration is to have a body contouring treatment performed at Julie Kupersmith MD, PC.

This form of cosmetic surgery is designed to remove fat deposits to sculpt and adjust the shape of underlying fat of multiple stubborn body parts. It can be performed on an outpatient basis, requiring full sedation.

Many people undergoing body contouring are also interested in having a breast lift performed at the same time. Breast tissues and skin can be affected by significant changes in body composition. Having a lift or breast reduction performed during a body contouring treatment can be a convenient way of improving these related issues in a single session.

Your recovery time after the body contouring treatment might vary, depending on the number and size of the areas adjusted. Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD might install a small drainage tube into a large adjusted area. Then, she will likely provide you with a prescription for anti-inflammatory and pain management medications. Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD will explain any special postoperative care considerations at your final consultation.

If you live in the New Rochelle, New York, area and you are interested a body contouring treatment, you should call 914.235.5171 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD.