Choose Laser Hair Reduction for Undesirable Hair Follicles

The skin on the human body is shielded by millions of hair follicles. As you age, hair in various sections of your body can become more noticeable. This can change your overall look and alter your self-confidence. Don’t worry, there is a solution! Simply call upon Julie Kupersmith and her expert associates in New Rochelle,… Read more »

A Tummy Tuck Can Address Significant Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a challenge for just about anyone. Time spent focusing on diet and exercise can pay significant dividends for your general health as well as your appearance. Yet for some people, significant weight loss leaves them with excess loose skin around the abdominal region. This might leave you with a slightly deflated… Read more »

Body Contouring Can Adjust Key Body Parts After Significant Weight Loss

Many people understand the value of weight loss because it reduces the potential medical complications from obesity. Even after the hard work of diet and exercise, there might be some key body regions that need cosmetic adjustment. One option worth consideration is to have a body contouring treatment performed at . This form of cosmetic… Read more »

A Dermal Filler Injection Can Enhance a Facial Feature

As you age, the skin on your face can undergo some gradual yet significant changes. Wrinkles can form around the eyes and along the mouth, lips can thin, and areas on your face can start to sag. There are several cosmetic surgery options offered by Dr. that can help you. However, some people prefer a… Read more »

Stimulating Exfoliation Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin’s Youthful Appearance

When you were young, a lot of your skin’s natural smooth and full appearance was thanks to healthy exfoliation and collagen production. These processes replace old skin cells with young, healthy cells while also giving your skin the firm elasticity that helps you avoid lines and wrinkles. As the years go by, these processes slow,… Read more »

You Can Have More Prominent Facial Features with Chin Implants and Cheek Implants

Genetic nuances and the natural processes of aging can cause the prominence of your facial features to fade over the years. This is even more likely to occur if you’ve had significant changes in body composition. Skin aging and decreased exfoliation can also influence the appearance of your skin, causing sallowness in the skin around… Read more »

Body Contouring Can Further Improve Your Appearance After Significant Weight Loss

Losing weight through diet, exercise and other lifestyle modifications is a significant accomplishment to be celebrated. However, massive weight loss can still leave you with certain body parts that you wish were more appealing. In a case like this, Dr. can offer several different solutions. If it is merely a matter of excess skin in… Read more »

Basic Aftercare Instructions When Recovering from a Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of your breasts. It will also tighten the remaining breast tissues by removing key areas of excess skin. During the breast reduction, Dr. can also adjust the size and location of your areola. Quality preparation and aftercare significantly reduce your chances… Read more »

Prescription-Strength Retin-A Skin Cream Can Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

Through the course of each week, your older skin cells are shed and replaced by newer, younger skin cells from the deeper layers of the dermis. As you age, this process, which is known as exfoliation, gradually starts to slow. This also reduces collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. In time, this… Read more »

Chin Implants and Cheek Implants Can Give Your More Prominent Features

For most people, facial appearance and the prominence of certain features are largely related to genetics or certain medical conditions when growing up. Less-than-prominent facial features like sallow cheeks of a soft-appearing chin can have a serious effect on your self-esteem. One very effective method for addressing issues like this is to have Dr. provide… Read more »