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Are You Ready for a More Youthful, Beautiful Appearance?

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At Julie Kupersmith MD, PC, our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD, has helped many clients achieve satisfaction with their appearance after having a facelift surgery performed. Let’s take a look at how a facelift can restore your self-confidence which might be waning with age.

While it is true that there are nonsurgical procedures when it comes to altering your appearance for a more youthful look, but they are simply not as effective as a surgical lift. You can certainly smooth lines in your face and even add fullness, but these nonsurgical methods do nothing to correct sagging skin. In contrast, facelift surgery effectively tightens the facial tissues by removing excess skin on the cheeks, chin and jawline area.

You see, injectable treatments can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines beginning in your face, but they end up being short-term temporary fixes. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, easily provides many longer-lasting effects, especially combined with a healthy regimen of skin care.

Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD in New Rochelle, New York, will also take into account whether you want to lift a part of your face or whether you desire an overall facelift. For example, if your goal is to tighten the skin and remove the wrinkles in your forehead, brow and eye areas, you may want to have the upper and lower eyelids corrected in addition to lifting the eyebrows which are regularly done during facelift surgery.

Are you between 40-70 years of age and looking older than you feel? With the help of a surgical facelift, you can slow down the effects of aging. A consultation with our cosmetic surgeon will determine if a facelift surgery can benefit you. If you are ready to make long-lasting changes to prepare for a fabulous fall season, please call 914.235.5171 and take the next step in a more youthful, beautiful you!