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A Minor Scar on a Visible Part of the Body Can Often Be Reduced by a Laser Resurfacing Treatment

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Minor injuries and traumatized areas of the dermis can sometimes heal irregularly. When this happens, a visible scar can appear.

If you have an existing scar in a noticeable part of your body like the hands, face, or shoulders, it can hamper your self-image. In a situation like this, you should schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD. During this appointment, our plastic surgeon can assess the severity of the scar and provide you with recommendations to reduce its overt appearance.

A laser resurfacing treatment might be used to alter the appearance of a small or slightly raised scar. This simple outpatient treatments can make a scar less prominent by removing part of the upper dermal layers.

This might not fully remove the scar, but it will likely lessen its appearance while also smoothing the area. Afterward Dr. Julie E. E. Kupersmith MD will provide you with any necessary recovery measures. This might include changing bandages or applying a topical antibiotic cream.

If you live in the New Rochelle, New York, area and you are contemplating scar removal or remediation, you should call 914.235.5171 to set up a laser resurfacing consultation at our office.